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It is supporting the multi signals in operating for example LTE only, WCDMA only and WCDMA + LTE as a solution for the coverage expansion.
ICM (Interference Cancellation Module) which allows eliminating the feedback signal is embedded in the system and it assures the reliability in the environment with lack of isolation between the donor (link) antenna and service (coverage) antenna at the same time provides the convenience of installation management.

The algorithm which can be able to support the multi signals such as LTE and WCDMA has applied to the system and it assures the reliability in operating.
It ensures not only the stable feedback cancellation function in the doppler environment but also the multi-path fading which is different from one installation environment to the next.

It allows the management cost saving lead by the eco-friendly low power and miniaturization plan with the convenience of installation management. It is satisfied with the existing performances at the same time assured the embodiment of short delay according to the optimization of algorithm.
It sets up the gain which fits into the environmental condition of the installation on the part of Intelligent AGC (Auto Gain Control) automatically.


 l Specification l



Max. Output Power

20W/ 10W/ 5W

System Gain


75dB ~105dB


70dB ~ 100dB

Operating Bandwidth

20MHz support

Max. Delay


Minimum isolation for Maximum


Power Consumption

220W [@20W Full out power]



l Key features l

  • Low power consumption
  • Quick network deployment
  • Expand coverage areas
    - rural areas, tunnels, canyons & highways etc.
  • Real time isolation check and interfer ence cancellation (can handle over 10 echo feedback signals simultaneously)
  • Remote monitoring & controlling using modem (web UI)
  • Local monitoring & controlling with local USB and bluetooth
  • Plug & Play
  • Auto shutdown & auto recovery
  • Support CDMA only, WCDMA only, LTE
    only, CDMA + WCDMA, WCDMA + LTE